Meet our team of experienced advisors, facilitators, process leaders, analysts, designers, trainers, coaches and communicators.

Our strength comes from a diversity of professional, multicultural backgrounds combined with a shared language enabling effective collaboration on sustainability. 


Our core team members all have a connection to the Nordic region and are dispersed across different geographies, mainly in Europe. Through our sister offices of The Natural Step and an extended network of practitioners we are able match expertise with client needs right around the world. 



Richard brings deep knowledge, creativity and passion to all that he does. With over fifteen years of experience supporting SMEs and multinationals to integrate sustainability into strategy and operations, he is a versatile trainer, strategist, project manager and analyst who thrives in creating structure from complexity. 

Richard works internationally across sectors from mining and chemicals to footwear and social enterprise. He has strong analytical and problem-solving skills and is an authority on evaluating tools, products, materials and value chains. He also serves as an expert advisor to the UN Environment programme on sustainable chemistry. 



Erica is passionate about designing and facilitating processes for sustainable community and regional transformation. With over a decade of experience she is an authority on convening  multi-stakeholder collaborations involving governments, municipalities, and businesses.

Erica is also a proud and engaged citizen of Åland. She chaired the committee developing the island’s long-term sustainability strategy and acts as a strategic advisor to the Åland government on its implementation. As one of the initiators of the Åland political party Hållbart initiativ Erica continues to serve as a policy advisor to their government minister and parliamentary representatives.



JP Candiotti is a systems entrepreneur, social innovator, business innovation associate, and sustainability strategist. He brings a strong academic background, creative mindset, leadership skills and agility for pursuing sustainability innovation at a company and societal level. He is a natural leader, and has been recognized in Forbes magazine for his systemic work to empower refugees and immigrants in the Nordics with knowledge, social and financial capital. 

He is passionate about the application of exponential technologies in the measurement, data-visualisation, innovation and overall improvement of eco-sociological impacts of companies and cities. He is currently leading the development of sustainability-NFTs and metaverse solutions to create competitive advantage for corporations. JP also leads the Sustainability Literacy Program, and Nordic Social Entrepreneurship 3.0 - projects funded by the Nordic Ministers Council - and sits on the Steering Committee of the program Business Developer at Hyper Island, Karlskrona. 



Tuba is a independent sustainability consultant with a strong track record of helping Turkish and international clients embed sustainability into their strategies and process improvements as well as product development and innovation. She works across a range of industries including banking and finance, food and beverage, telecommunication, construction and building materials.

Tuba is an internationally recognized expert on sustainability reporting and has helped numerous organisations with their ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) risk assessments. She sits on the Global Reporting Initiative’s Stakeholder Council, is the Lead for the Systems Innovation Instanbul hub and a trainer for organisations such as the UN Development Programme.



For over twenty years, Emil has been driving change within businesses, through cross-boundary collaboration, as well as at community and non-profit organizations. He brings his extensive experience combining sustainability issues and business development to his project work. In a nutshell Emil blends a vision-based, long-term perspective with a fast-pace, high energy mentality of a seasoned entrepreneur.

Emil sees people's strengths and brings in others skills and personalities to teamwork with the utmost inclusiveness, while also being known to get great work done on his own.



Stanley Nyoni is a master facilitator and trainer of sustainability and leadership development. He has over twenty years of experience supporting executives in companies in Europe, Asia and Africa to design and implement processes for participatory leadership and team synergy, as well as integrate sustainability into their core business.

He specializes in cultural and personal development using methods and approaches at the interface of science and spirituality that develop self-awareness leading to trusting relationships, which is essential for high performing teams and overall sustainability. Stanley has a special presence and wisdom that enables safe spaces for collaboration.



Renaud is an in(ter)dependent consultant working for 20+ years to accelerate change towards sustainability. He brings a strategic and systemic approach to his work, facilitating collaborative and innovative processes to enable ‘out of the box’ creative thinking. Renaud's main mission is to consult and educate on strategic sustainable development across all sectors, as long as there are groups looking to build collective intelligence.

Renaud is the former co-Director of The Natural Step France and has a long experience coordinating local and international projects. He has facilitated and invited people to change and act in very diverse contexts, from school children to university students and teachers, value chains, customers and providers, or sustainability managers and CEO's and their teams. Since 2015, he has been involved with the Sulitest, an international education movement to mainstream sustainability worldwide.



Warren works at the interface of sustainability science and design. He is passionate about supporting transitions to sustainability using systems thinking and a creative process which views people, artifacts, and patterns as the essential components of informed design. 

Having worked extensively with policy research for NGOs, political campaigns, and sustainability projects in the private sector in North America, the Middle East, and Europe, he is deeply engaged in creating change with a particular focus on climate policy, the circular economy, and social justice.  Warren brings an analytical mind, infectious enthusiasm and a can-do attitude to all his work. He has a global outlook and credits his appreciation for different ways of doing, thinking, and being to an international upbringing.   



Sachiko is senior trainer, facilitator, interpreter and business coach promoting sustainability leadership and knowledge exchange between her native country of Japan and Sweden, where she is based. She is a long-time associate and former Chief Executive for The Natural Step in Japan and has contributed significantly to the spread of The Natural Steps tools and message throughout Japanese society. 

Sachiko is responsible for organising high-level delegations and study visits for Japanese business leaders and policy-makers to come to learn about Sweden's work on sustainability. She works closely with the Swedish embassy in Japan to promote cultural exchange between the two countries. She is also the lead contact in collaboration with The Natural Step's key business partner and representative in Japan, BCon. 



Mikkel has made a science of fostering effective collaboration within organizations and nurturing high performance cultures. For over ten years he has brought a systemic, appreciative and design-oriented approach to his work with leadership, business and cultural development.  He is passionate about working across sectors for a regenerative and sustainable future and has a particular interest in circular food production and transforming manufacturing industries. 

With deep experience working in politics and public sector organizations, Mikkel also  specializes in adaptive governance and leadership development using ecological economics. This informs his work around measurement systems aligning organizational sustainability with community and regional socio-ecological systems.


We are supported by a growing international network of project collaborators who enable us to assemble larger teams on demand.


Our team and collaborators are part of global community of practitioners trained in the same methods, with whom we engage with on knowledge-exchange and systems intelligence gathering.